General Features

Take a glance at the primary capabilities

  • It meets the documentation requirements regarding the welding testing that includes all important codes and standards (in Europe and USA).
  • It improves your productivity that results in saving resources and time.
  • It is straightforward, easy to learn and agile in creating reports. Check our tutorials.
  • It eliminates the effort in assuring the documents traceability.
  • Ready to use of consumable libraries that are editable while also support insertion.
  • Ready to use of testing procedures that support all methods.
  • It includes all standards references that regulate the respective methods of NDT.
  • Welders’ statistics are available.
  • NDT calculations.
  • Quality & Acceptance Levels.
  • Clean and uniform work environment and friendly user interface.
  • No set up requirement or need for backup.
  • Accessible from tablets and computers.

Report Features

Produce professional reports

  • 8 + 1 (Custom) ready to use reports‘ methods. You only have to fill the report, not create it.
  • Custom reports can be built through the interface if you feel that the existing reports’ methods are not enough.
  • Drawing and embedding photos, blueprints, designs and sketches in your reports is a piece of cake, while they are available for later use.
  • Multiple weldings can be listed in a single report.
  • Any report can be cloned so you can later re-use its data .
  • Each bit of your data is privately secured and safe in our VPS.
  • The reports export them to PDF and use them in your local machine.
  • Your business name and logo are embeddable in the PDF’s header and footer to match your business design.
  • Your clients (TPI) can be granted access to their reports.
  • Digital signature support.
  • Your reports can be easily managed through our filters, therefore searching for stuff is obsolete.
  • Supported Languages: English, French, Greek.

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